About us

I suppose you could say Lee Ridgeon and Eileen Turner were founded (first met) back in 1991 when we first started selling our wares in the "Old Greenwich Market".

Previous to that we would sell our Antiques, Vintage and Collectables at Auctions, Fairs and also our shops in Grove Park, Beckenham and Eltham. We even helped with the running of regular Auctions in Biggin Hill and Elmers End.

Eileen had her hour of fame when on the TV programme "Natural Born Dealers" with David Harper, her and a friend competed with two male dealers and won the game.

We now have  Antique, Vintage and Collectables Fairs which are becoming very successful and popular in the London and Kent areas.

Still on the lookout for new venues further afield so any suggestions are welcome.

Quote of the week

Kites rise highest against the wind - not with it

Winston Churchill  British Statesman 1874-1965

Ridgeon & Turner Ltd

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